Germany | 2015 | 6 Episodes | approx. 52 min./episode | Directors: Till Franzen & Jan-Martin Scharf
Production: TNT Series | Bantry Bay Productions | Twenty Four 9 Films
Filmmusic: Christopher Colaço | Philipp Schaeper


A man wakes up, disorientated, in a vineyard in the German Ahr area. Above him, he sees a dead woman in the vines. When he returns to the spot after alerting the people in the village, the body is gone. And soon after, he sees the dead woman, well and alive as the reigning Wine Queen. But when she really disappears, he decides to find out what is going on and he unearths the secrets of the town and its people.


2016: German Television Award (Grimme Preis) – Best Idea and Conception of a modern TV-Series